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Black Belt Leadership Training (For Black Belts and Colored Belts)

13497715_10153515786517062_8659866827464359696_oCommit to becoming a black belt and get extra help with attaining to Black Belt Excellence Creating leaders to meet the Needs of Our World through Kick It Martial Arts Training.

While Leadership is one of the attributes emphasized in all Kick It programs, our Leadership program offers students an opportunity to aspire to an even greater level of achievement. The mission of Leadership NOW is to create leaders to meet the Needs of Our World, adept in the core life skills necessary for success. Leadership students learn the importance of leading by example and supporting their communities. Required to step up their physical and mental training, students are rewarded with unique opportunities and advanced curriculum designed to bring out their best.

Benefits of Leadership Training -Leadership Life Skills Curriculum
As a true leader, you will learn to inspire others while striving for ever-higher achievement. By learning life skills such as goal-setting, persistence, confidence, motivation, communication, etiquette, and public speaking, you will become a leader no matter what life path you choose.

Advanced Training Opportunities
Because Leadership students receive specialized training, they’re equipped to reach their
goals more quickly. Advanced weapons training is also offered at both the school level and at regional events and tournaments throughout the year. In addition, national tournaments offer exclusive Leadership Program Workouts, lead by the most elite martial arts Masters in Kick-It.

Advanced Competition Opportunities – Elite Sparring

Community Service
Leadership is a program designed to meet the Needs of Our World. Therefore, Leadership students are encouraged to get involved in their community and give back. While service projects vary in scope, there’s always a way for students to find an activity in their school, neighborhood or city that matters to them and makes a difference in the lives of others.

Exclusive Offers
13497801_10153515816942062_929794371695596087_oLeadership students can proudly display their trainee status by wearing the official Leadership Uniform, as well as apparel, workout gear, and other merchandise available through Kick It Teakwondo. They also enjoy access to exclusive training videos, and special offers. A leader has vision, creativity, and persistence while empowering and earning the respect of others. Leadership students learn to effectively share their vision, reach their personal goals, and motivate those around them to perform and achieve. The Leadership program represents the next level of training both mentally and physically. Meet the best Black Belt Club members here and enjoy the freedom of fitness.

It is an elite program to give students a competitive edge, not just in their martial arts training but in all areas of life. Leadership training instills a different mindset in students that positions them for success.

Whether in the classroom, an occupation, or continued service within the community, Leadership students stand out among their peers. Leadership training is a short-term investment with lifelong benefits. It provides both the ability and the desire to accomplish extraordinary things. Choose to learn. Choose to lead. Choose Leadership NOW.


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